Top Trends in Luxury Pool Design

02/17/2016 | Categories: Pool Design Trends

Top Trends in Luxury Pool Design | Sunshine Fun

If you are looking to add some luxury to your College Station Pool, take a look at this year’s hottest trends in Luxury pools.

Looking to add a little more feel and design to your College Station pool? How about making your home more luxurious by adding a pool to it? There are plenty of ways to take an unremarkable pool and make it remarkable, so here are some of the top ways to add that feel of luxury to your pool.

Grotto Water Features

Stone structures and waterfalls are the perfect addition to any pool, especially homeowners who want a natural feel to their backyard paradise. With a grotto, you can create a cave in the stone that runs underneath these waterfalls.

While you’re swimming about, you can swim right into these caves to catch a break from the sunlight and enjoy your waterfall from a different vantage point. Water slides can also wrap their way around these rock structures, taking your pool parties to the next level.

Lazy Rivers

You’ve likely seen these fun water features in a commercial setting, at hotels or water parks, but did you know that you can have a lazy river installed right into your own backyard? Envision a slow-moving river, winding its way around your yard. Kids can enjoy floating along the current and splashing about, and you can lounge in a chair, relaxing to the sound of running water. Even when you aren’t in the water, you can still appreciate how the lazy river increases the aesthetics of your yard.

Decorative Lighting

Why stop at simple lighting for evening swimming? You can create an amazing piece of art from your pool by having custom LED lighting installed. LED lights come in all sizes, brightness and colors. They can be programmed to be a light show or slowly change to reflect the mood of your gathering.

These lights can also be incorporated into deck jets or laminars, which are arches of water that lead directly to your pool from your deck. It will appear as if streams of light are shooting across your outdoor space, like a continuous falling star. Whatever you choose to do, having custom LED lighting is a great way to add a touch of class and uniqueness to your swimming pool.

Fire Bowls

If you want to illuminate your backyard, but also want to continue that tropical feel, consider installing fire bowls into the area surrounding your pool. During the day, these features are unassuming, but at night, they will cast a flickering orange glow across the decking. Quite literally, you will see your pool and outdoor space in a new light.

Beach Entry

A beach entry is a gradual slope that leads directly into your pool right from your deck. You can more easily get in and out of the water and even enjoy basking in the sunlight on these ledges. Such entries can be incorporated into nearly any style of pool, removing the need for ladders or stairs.

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