How to Safely Store Your Pool Chemicals

01/20/2016 | Categories: Pool Maintenance, Pool Maintenance Tips

How to Safely Store Your Pool Chemicals | Sunshine Fun

If you have more questions about pool ownership or how to store pool chemicals, please contact us at Sunshine Fun Pools. Our pool experts are happy to help.

Taking care of a pool means that you need to keep the chemical balance in the water consistent. When you are not using these chemicals, you might be at a loss as to how they should be properly stored. With this complete list of how you should store pool chemicals, you can learn more about pool ownership and keeping your family safe from harm.

Where to Store Pool Chemicals

First and foremost, pool chemicals should be stored in a locked area or out of reach from children and pets. This space should also be cool, dry and out of direct sunlight, for heated temperatures can cause the vapors in chemical containers to build up, increasing pressure. If you store these chemicals in a shed or garage with other things, make sure these items are not flammable or toxic substances which could cause a chemical reaction.

How Chemicals Should Be Stored

When you store pool chemicals, they need to be put away in a specific manner to avoid a chemical reaction from occurring, which can release harmful vapors into the air. For instance, chemicals should always be restored in their original containers and not mixed with others. Additionally, these containers should not be stacked, especially liquids over solids as leaks can occur.

Dangerous chemicals should not be placed side-by-side or in an area where they can be easily accessed by kids, animals, or accidentally knocked over. When you handle these chemicals, make sure that you wear the proper safety gear, like googles and gloves, to ensure that you do not get any on your skin or in your eyes.

When to Replace Chemicals

Depending on which types of chemicals you use to balance your pool chemistry, there is a certain time period they are considered “good” before they become less effective. When this happens, you need to dispose of them properly and not use them in your pool again. To learn more about the chemicals you use for your pool, you can consult your local pool experts or the company which manufactures your pool’s chemicals.

What to Do When Chemicals Spill

Unfortunately, no matter how hard you may try, chemical spills can still happen. If there is a chemical spill in your storage area, check to see if a chemical reaction seems to be occurring. If a reaction is, in fact, happening, evacuate the area as quickly as you can and call your fire department for assistance.

When there is no chemical reaction, put on your safety gear and safely clean up the mess. You can dispose of the chemical in an unused and open container. After you have ensured that a chemical reaction is not going to occur, you can properly dispose of the chemical. If you aren’t sure how to do so, or are afraid that a reaction will happen, contact the fire department to be safe rather than sorry.

If you have more questions about pool ownership or how to store pool chemicals, please contact us at Sunshine Fun Pools. Our professional pool experts are happy to help our fellow College Station, Texas pool-lovers.\



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