Pool Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Pool Clean This Season

05/03/2017 | Categories: Pool Maintenance Tips

Spring Pool Maintenance Tips in Bryan, College Station & Brazos Valley

Owning a pool is no simple decision – there is a lot of time spent planning, designing, and constructing a new backyard. Then, you have to consider all of the costs that come with building and owning a pool. Along with the financial considerations of owning a pool, you have to remember to keep them clean during the Spring in Bryan & surrounding areas. Don’t worry, here are a few simple pool maintenance tips that will help you keep your pool clear and sparkling.

The first and most important pool maintenance tip is to always keep a close eye on chemical levels. 

If you want your pool to have that crystal clear look for years to come in the Spring in Bryan & the surrounding areas, you have to make sure all of the chemical levels are balanced. The most important things to monitor in your pool are the chlorine and pH levels. Did you know that chlorine is responsible for keeping bacteria and algae out of your pool? If this is off by even just a little bit, these creatures can start growing in your pool!

Another pool maintenance tip for a clean and sparkling pool during Spring is to skim the pool regularly. 

Your filter should do a good job at removing those small dirt and insect particles from your pool, but it won’t be able to get everything. In order to remove large leaves and debris from your pool, you should invest in a skimmer. Obviously, the amount of trees you have in your backyard will affect the amount of times you need to skim per day, but be prepared to skim at least once per day.

Our final pool maintenance tip is to regularly clean the tile in and around your pool. 

Did you know that the higher your pH level, the more you will see deposits left on your tile. Along with keeping your pH level balanced, you can prevent gross build up during Spring months by wiping down the tile. While you don’t have to do this every day, it would be smart to do it at least once per week.

If you follow these pool maintenance tips, it’ll make for a much more worry-free pool ownership experience.


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