Ideas for Throwing a Back to School Pool Party

08/24/2016 | Categories: Sunshine Fun Pools

Ideas for Throwing a Back to School Pool Party | Sunshine Fun

There is a new trend on the rise, celebrating when school begins! Check out these fun back to school pool party ideas from Sunshine Fun Pools.

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Since there has been a summer break there have been celebrations across our nation rejoicing in the fact that the school year is over once again. But there is a new trend on the rise – a pool party celebrating when school begins!

There’s a lot to celebrate about going back to school: it’s a fresh start, it’s a chance for students to embrace the joys and tribulations that come with learning, and parents get what may be a much needed break. This year, why not throw the kids (and yourself) a back to school bash to celebrate the upcoming school year?

Plan a Spectacular Pool Party

If you’re planning a pool party for younger kids, choose decor and pool accessories that are bright and colorful. Beach balls, pool noodles, and fun food-inspired floaties are all the rage.

For older kids and teens, consider creating a chic pool party.  Create an aura of sophistication by choosing decor such as Chinese paper lanterns and white LED lights.

Regardless of the age of the attendees, make sure that safety is a priority.  A responsible adult must be supervising younger children in the pool at all times, and you should have appropriate safety equipment on-hand.

Have a Fall Harvest Celebration

Fall is right around the corner, so why not throw a harvest-related party? You can set up bobbing for apples in the pool, create a hay bale maze or obstacle course, and have a potluck feast on the patio by the fire pit. Winners of any races and games you have planned can win school-related prizes such as pencils, markers, a backpack, and more.


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