5 Tips for Determining Your Swimming Pool Budget

03/02/2016 | Categories: Pool Costs, Pool Financing

5 Tips for Determining Your Swimming Pool Budget | Sunshine Fun

Sunshine Fun Pools wants to help you make Bryan or College Station pool planning easier with our list of 5 tips to determine your swimming pool budget.

College Station and Bryan residents planning on getting a pool can prepare themselves for the long road ahead with one simple step: establishing a budget. Their budget will help them narrow down decisions during design, construction and installation of their pool. Setting up a budget will also help them guarantee that they get everything they need to enjoy their pool without compromise.

The only challenge to starting a budget is recognizing all of the elements that must go into it. Sunshine Fun Pools wants to help you make this easier with our list of five tips for determining your Bryant or College Station swimming pool budget.

1. Research Zoning Laws and Other Ordinances

Your first order of business is to determine exactly what you need to satisfy your county, state and federal laws when it comes to constructing a new in-ground pool. For instance, the city of College Station requires permits for all permanent pools designated for swimming that exceed 24 inches in depth. The Texas Department of Health also maintains their own respective set of pool requirements, restrictions and regulations. Study these rules in detail to determine your responsibilities as a homeowner when it comes to installing, maintaining and operating your pool.

Requirements like having an adequate barrier surrounding the pool will no doubt affect your eventual budget.

2. Assess Your Yard

Walk along your yard and determine rough measurements to get an idea of what sized pool you could want, what the shape might be and where it might be located. The excavation site for your pool could have a tremendous effect on its installation costs. Pools built into hillsides or on sites with significant bedrock can present complications, for example. You can select two or three possible options in order to have more flexibility in your building plan.

3. Consider Personal Use and Popular Choices

To determine your pool’s budget, you will need to think about exactly how you plan to use it. A pool with only minimal depth, a simple round shape and that is mostly three to four feet deep would be perfect for serving children. However, a pool intended to be used for lap swimming must be around 80-ft to accommodate typical competition-style swimming conditions.

Your intended use will therefore dictate the dimension, shape and characteristics of your pool in a way that narrows your budgetary range. Also account for features like water slides, fountains and more that will impact how much enjoyment you will get out of your pool.

4. Remember Outside Costs

When we think of installing a pool, we are actually considering many factors:

  • Excavation
  • Concrete spraying
  • Water filling
  • Materials — surfacing, tile, coping
  • Equipment — skimmers, pumps, filter, etc.
  • Surrounding decking
  • Features like water slides, lights, ladders
  • Safety requirements like an adequate barrier

Many of these features have somewhat set costs, such as how much a filtration system will cost when choosing from even low-end models. Research your typical cost range to have an accurate estimate of the totality of costs, not just how much digging a hole, spraying concrete and filling it with water would cost.

5. Determine Your Financing Options

At Sunshine Fun Pools, we make financing easy. We can handle most of the paperwork for you, weigh options like new construction loans or home equity loans, and then negotiate with lenders to get you the best deal. Nevertheless, we recommend that our customers audit their own financial situation to determine their tolerance for debt and their ability to lock down a favorable rate. Examine income-to-expenditures, credit history and other factors in order to come up with a potential monthly payment.

Many aspiring pool owners are shocked to discover how flexible their budget can be in order to accommodate their ideal pool design while still fitting within their intended monthly payment. By considering must-haves like fences and definitely-wants like Baja ledges in conjunction with the financial possibilities, you could have a new pool within an affordable payment plan. Get started on setting your budget for your pool by visiting our Bryan College Station pool financing page.



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