Understanding Your Everyday Pool Chemicals

09/20/2017 | Categories: Pool Maintenance

Pool Chemicals for Bryan, College Station & Brazos Valley 


Understanding Your Everyday Pool Chemicals

Maintaining your pool with pool chemicals may seem daunting when you encounter words such as “potassium peroxymonosulfate” and “polyethylene dichloride.” But once you have a proper schedule laid out for what pool chemicals to use and when, keeping your waters crystal clear will be a breeze.

Understanding your everyday pool chemicals is an important part of pool ownership, and we want nothing more than for you to enjoy a worry-free pool ownership experience. Take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the most common chemicals you’ll come across in caring for your pool.


Why Every Pool Needs Pool Chemicals

Pool chemicals are necessary for two important reasons:

  1. a) Safety
  2. b) Appearance

Without chemicals, your water will become contaminated with dangerous microorganisms, algae, and bacteria. Your sparkling water will also transform into a murky mess which can damage the components and structure of your pool.


Your Basic Types of Pool Chemicals

Pool chemicals will fall under one of the following categories:


  • Pool Sanitizers

When to use: As a regular part of your pool maintenance schedule (depends on how frequently your pool is used).

Sanitizing chemicals are largely responsible for keeping your pool clean and healthy as these chemicals kill nasty bacteria and microorganisms. Many pools use chlorine which comes in the form of a tab or a liquid, and you can use a salt chlorine generator.

Other pool owners prefer bromine, which tends to be gentler on the skin and does not have a harsh odor, though it does cost more than the chlorine alternative. There are also eco-friendly alternatives available on the market.


  • Pool Stabilizers and Balancing Chemicals

When to use: After testing your pool waters and the pH levels are too high or too low.

Stabilizers and balancing pool chemicals help you keep your pool’s pH and alkalinity in an optimal range for the health and cleanliness of your water. There are pH Increaser chemicals and pH Reducer chemicals to help balance your pH levels, and you can use a stabilizer to protect your pool’s chlorine molecules to extend the life of your chlorine (this is particularly useful during the warmer months of the year).


  • Pool algaecides

When to use: When pool appears greenish or cloudy, and after excessive use of the pool during warm weather.

Algae attacks can be kept under control with pool algaecides. Designed to kill algae and prevent future growth, these chemicals prevent green or cloudy pool water and they prevent algae from clogging up your filtration system.


  • Stain removers

When to use: When fresh water is added to pool or spa, and when stains appear.

It’s not uncommon for pool owners to encounter stains and scaling from time to time. Stain removal and prevention chemicals are able to eliminate and prevent stains caused by a number of metals including copper, lead, iron, silver, manganese, nickel and cobalt.


  • Shock treatments

When to use: During heavy usage, after large amounts of rain, and during long periods of hot, sunny weather.

Shocking your pool is the equivalent to hitting its reset button. Shock treatments “super chlorinate” your pool, adding anywhere from three to five times the typical amount of sanitizer to your pool water to boost chlorine levels for a short period of time in order to kill bacteria and microorganisms.

When shopping around for pool chemicals, you will likely find pool chemical kits or value packs which contain a combination of these chemicals. These packs are particularly convenient when you are winterizing or opening your pool for the season.



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