Tips for Keeping Your College Station Pool Clean

02/24/2016 | Categories: Pool Maintenance Tips

Tips for Keeping Your College Station Pool Clean | Sunshine Fun

Read more to learn tips for keeping your College Station pool clean.

The summer months in Montgomery County and Conroe, Texas can get pretty heated, but this is the perfect time to own a swimming pool. One of the best facts about this state is that it is one of the few that allow pool owners to keep their College Station pools open throughout the year. This allows for plenty of fun and excitement in your outdoor spaces. As a pool owner, keeping your swimming pool clean is a top priority. Here are a few tips from the experts at Sunshine Fun Custom Built Pools.

Pay Attention to Chemical Levels

The chemical levels in your pool play a huge factor in keeping the water crystal clear. The chlorine and PH levels should be closely monitored and maintained to insure that the levels are adequate. If they are too low or too high, your pool could look clouded.

Do Not Forget Your Pool Filter

A lot of pool owners know to maintain the proper chemical levels and to clean the pool itself, but completely forget to give their filter a bit of TLC. It is very important to clean out your filter on a regular basis. This process can be completed by a swimming pool technician from Sunshine Fun Custom Built Pools. Watch our video to learn more about our passion for helping clients maintain their swimming pools.


Skim Often

Skim your pool every chance that you get. When you get into the water, take a few moments to skim the surface. Grab all of the leaves, bugs, debris and organic materials that you can find. You are the first line of defense against objects that can make your pool dirty, and skimming is the number one action that you can make to keep your pool clean.

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