The Elements of Great Pool Design

05/22/2018 | Categories: Pool Design, Pool Design Trends

Owning your very own backyard swimming pool is something that more and more people are deciding to turn into a reality. Not only is the swimming pool a great place to relax on a hot day, it also adds a sense of everyday fun and tranquility to your outdoor living space.

Even if you’re just thinking about a pool, coming up with the perfect design can be an exciting and challenging endeavor. There are so many options and decisions to make that it can start to make your head spin. From the basic shape to finishing touches, the almost unlimited possibilities mean your backyard swimming pool can be as unique as you are.

To help you get started with planning the perfect custom pool design, the design experts at Sunshine Fun Pools put together some of the most important design elements that go into creating a fun, functional, and beautiful swimming pool and outdoor living space.


Choosing the Right College Station Pool Builder

The best place to start is by consulting with your local pool builder. We look forward to discussing your backyard and what you might want out of your pool should you decide to build. We offer free, no-obligation consultations to anyone who just wants to test the water of pool ownership. This can even include a 3D rendering so you can what it would look like before construction begins.


The Basic Design Elements

The more educated and experienced your pool builder is in custom pool design, the better. Our award-winning designers at Sunshine Fun Pools have a deep understanding of the many elements of basic design, including lines, color, contour, texture, rhythm and balance.

One of our knowledgeable designers will also help you understand the importance of having a poolscape that is as functional as it is beautiful. They will take the time to ensure that you understand how your outdoor living area is going to be used so that they can design an entire backyard that matches the experience you want to create.


How Big Should My Pool Be?

The size of the pool will play an important role on its location, its features, and landscaping. How you intend to use your pool will typically be the primary factor when considering the size of your pool. A modest-sized swimming pool is ideal for homeowners who want a place to cool off on a hot day, while a large and extensive swimming pool is best for families who plan to dive, play, swim and entertain friends. There’s no set size for any pool and we can design a custom pool to fit in almost any size backyard.


Important Considerations When Planning a Pool

Any custom pool design has to also take into account the layout, slope, and other characteristics of your backyard that can have an impact on the actual construction of the pool. We will take careful measurements of where you would like to place the pool and take other issues into consideration such as:

  • Potential drainage issues
  • Sun exposure
  • Swales (low areas)
  • Underground utilities

From that point your College Station pool builder will be able to suggest the best location for your swimming pool.


Choosing the Right Water Features

After the basic shape and design have been determined, then it’s time to think about what features you’d like with your pool. These can fall into one of two categories: functional or focal.

Functional features will be items like an automatic pool cover, lighting elements, in-ground cleaning systems, and smart controlled water systems. Focal features are those which allow your pool design to be transformed into your ultimate oasis such as deck jets, a water slide, a custom spa, sheer descents, and a customized rocky grotto waterfall.


Adding Outdoor Living Elements

Many homeowners not only want a swimming pool, but they also want to create a cohesive design that flows from the back door out to the pool area. This turns your entire backyard into a custom poolscape that transports you to your own private paradise. In addition to creating a tiled or stonework area that extends to the back deck or patio, we can also include:

  • Pergolas
  • Roof extensions
  • Outdoor kitchens
  • Fire features and fire pits
  • Outdoor living rooms
  • Custom landscaping


Experience the Sunshine Fun Pools Difference

At Sunshine Fun Pools, we know the number one element of great pool design is the customer. Our team of experienced designers know that the best designs lie in the details, and we work with our customers to make sure that your outdoor living area delivers everything you dreamed of and more.



As the leading pool builder in Brazos Valley, Sunshine Fun Pools builds more than 100 pools each year while maintaining a 98 percent customer satisfaction rating. Founded in 2005, Sunshine Fun Pools specializes in custom pool design and quality construction, pool remodeling and pool maintenance services.

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