Why Fall and Winter are the Best Seasons for a New Pool

11/04/2015 | Categories: Sunshine Fun Pools

Why Fall and Winter are the Best Seasons for a New Pool | Sunshine Fun

Are you thinking of putting in a pool at your College Station home? Read on to learn why fall or winter pool installation is optimal!

Are you thinking of putting in a pool at your home? You might be thinking that since fall is here, you might as well start planning now and get started in the spring.  Truth is, for Montgomery County and Conroe, fall and winter might be the best time to get a new pool. Here are some reasons why fall or winter pool installation is optimal:

Save Money on Fall or Winter Pool Installation

Off-season can be the best time to purchase a pool. There are two main reasons why. First off, pool installers are looking for a way to occupy the fall and winter months. The demand on their time has decreased in the off-season, which means that their prices have also gone down. Fall and winter are great times to get a deal on the installation, as time is at much more of a premium in the spring and summer months.

Another good reason to jump on a fall or winter install is that the “cost of goods” increase will kick in at the beginning of the year. Pools, like most things, get more expensive as time goes on. The increase in costs usually kicks in at the beginning of the year. As the manufacturers are trying to get rid of all of their previous year stock for the coming year’s models, they will put high discounts on the existing stock to move it. Waiting too long can mean paying more for the latest model!

It Will Be Ready for Summer

Waiting to start the installation in the spring or summer means wasting precious time when you could be swimming. If you wait until the season you are going to use your pool in, then you are going to miss part of that first season as a pool owner.

Having a fall or winter pool installation means that as soon as the weather warms up, the pool will be ready to go. No wait necessary, just jump in and enjoy.


Pool installation is going to cause some damage to your yard. Getting the pool installed before the summer rolls around means that you can have your landscaping done and ready to fill in as the warmer months are approaching. No need to wait for grass to grow back, as it will fill in that spring.

And, as with pool installers, landscapers are cheaper in the off months. So, you will be saving yourself some money if you choose to hire a professional landscaper.

If you are considering a fall or winter pool installation, don’t wait. Contact Sunshine Fun Pools to see what your dream custom built pool will look like. We can develop a 3D model of the pool and surrounding area so you know how it will complement the rest of your outdoor living area before we do the install.



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