Why a Spa is the Perfect Addition to Your Swimming Pool or Backyard

07/17/2015 | Categories: Hot tub

Why a Spa is the Perfect Addition to Your Swimming Pool or Backyard | Sunshine Fun

Everything from enhancing your backyard to health and well-being benefits; why a spa is the perfect addition to your pool or backyard.

Take a moment, close your eyes, and imagine yourself immersed in wonderfully warm, bubbling water. Feel your entire body relax as the beautiful buoyancy takes all the weight of the world off your shoulders…and back…and legs – you get the idea.

It has been proven that using a hot tub can help with insomnia, relieve muscle pain, reduce inflammation from arthritis, facilitate increased blood flow, promote relaxation and reduce stress. As a matter of fact, a study at the University of Uppsala in Sweden found that using a spa for 15 minutes per day for 6 days reduced the stress hormone, cortisol, by 11%!

If you’re considering a new pool or remodel of your existing pool, a spa would be the perfect accompaniment. Ranging in size and design, they can be as simple or elaborate as you’d like with everything from spillways into the pool to specialized lighting and water features. Pool and spa combinations offer a full range of options: cool to warm, play zones to relaxation and fitness to therapy.

attached spa    attached spa

Spas are also a fantastic option on their own. For those with limited space or just not ready for a pool at the moment, a hot tub would provide you with a mini-oasis all your own. As with its pool/spa combo counterpart, free standing spas can range from simple in ground or raised units to more extravagant designs including features such as waterfalls and fire bowls.

spa with waterfall

Spa fragrances are yet another way to enhance your experience. No longer just a pretty, masculine or relaxing aroma, today’s products offer therapeutic benefits such as moisturizers, minerals and extracts that add another level of health benefits to the hot water experience.

So at the end of that long exhausting day, be good to your body, mind and soul. Kick off your shoes, change into your swimsuit and slip into the massaging, therapeutic warmth of your personal spa.

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