When you head outside to the spa tonight…

01/31/2011 | Categories: Hot tub

bring your towel, a water bottle, and the playing cards. Yes, you can still play your favorite card game in the hot tub! Read our ingredients for a bubblin’, hot tubbin’ game night here:

Enjoy this last cold spell were are going to have and turn up the fun.

Ingredients for a bubblin’, hot tubbin‘ game night:pool

1. Purchase a floating mat for your spa so players can slap down those cards with the same veracity as they do on the dining room table.

2. Plastic playing cards will happily accompany you and your buddies in the spa (they don’t mind a little dip here and there).

3. Position your preferred refreshments in spa cup holders or floating koozies. You’ll need to keep your body cool as the game heats up.

4. Start your favorite card game!
Game ideas from Mademan.com courtesy of Lisa Devoto, Break Studios Contributing Writer



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