Trends in Pool Water Features

07/22/2013 | Categories: Pool Design

Trends in Pool Water Features | Sunshine Fun

In 2013, trends in pool water features are different than they have been in previous years. Trends are becoming more sophisticated and fancier, as people prefer to enjoy their own pool as opposed to going to a gym, spa or public pool. The fancy pools they see in these locations are something they want to bring into their backyard, and many of them do.

Gone are the days when every backyard pool is round and comes with a ladder. Pools have evolved since then as people’s expectations have become higher. While it used to be common for public pools to have a deep end and a shallow end, today’s pools are laid out differently. Rather than having steps to get into and out of the pool, today’s pools make it easier to both get into and out of the pool. Beach entries to pools allow children to easily and safely wade into the pool without their whole body being immersed in water. Pools whose best feature is their amazing view often have infinity edges. In elevated pools, viewing panels made of acrylic are being used.

Fountains, waterfalls and swim-up bars are all examples of pool water features that can make your backyard pool design unique. Check out these swimming pool features for great ideas and inspiration on how you can take your backyard pool design to the next level.



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