Pool Water Safety: Simple Steps to Save Lives

06/29/2015 | Categories: Outdoor Living

Pool Water Safety: Simple Steps to Save Lives | Sunshine Fun

Pool water safety does not have to be complicated. There are some simple steps you can follow to make your pool a safe place for your children.

This month marks the anniversary of the first spacewalk! What does this historic occasion have to do with pool water safety? Well, nothing directly but since we’re talking about “steps” and safety the two do have some similarities.

Back in 1965 when astronaut Edward H. White II took his first steps outside the security of Gemini IV, he ventured into uncharted territory, a weightless infinity that if not for the security and safety measures taken, could have resulted in a very different outcome. When we step from the security of our homes and backyards into our own aquatic space, it’s imperative that we keep the constant need for safety in mind as well to ensure that the backyard playground stays that way.

When we talk about pool water safety, we most often think of children. There are structural measures you can take to ensure that the kids don’t wander into the pool or spa area without supervision:

Fencing – A four foot or higher fence around the pool and spa area will help ensure that the little ones don’t wander into aquatic areas without your knowledge. Be sure to keep any furniture or toys that children could use to climb the fence, securely away from the fence area.

Indoor locks / alarms – These systems set off an alarm when a door is opened that could lead to a water zone. This will alert you to the wanderings of your little explorer and give you the chance to head them off at the pass or go supervise them on their adventure.

Underwater alarm system – Detection of underwater disturbances sets off an alarm to alert you that there is unusual activity.
Swimming lessons are important for adults and children alike. Knowing how to float, tread water and get yourself back to the walls or steps of a pool are imperative. In addition, CPR classes, first aid equipment/kits and a poolside phone are extra layers of security.

Always remember that even with these safety measures, nothing ever replaces supervision. Even our great astronauts are constantly monitored and supervised. So before you or your little aquatic frontier adventurers step into that buoyant wonderland, take steps to secure everyone’s safety so that pool and spa zones remain fun for years to come.

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