Pool Maintenance Tips for Hot Summer Weather

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Pool Maintenance Tips for Hot Summer Weather | Sunshine Fun

Don’t let algae turn everyone’s favorite chill-out spot into an ecological science experiment! Fight back with these hot weather pool maintenance tips.

It is August in the College Station area and temperatures are hovering somewhere between “yikes!” and “tssssss”. When the extended forecast is a steady line-up of triple digits and the most dangerous thing you encounter each day is the metal part of your car seat belt, conditions are ripe for algae to grow in your pool. Don’t let algae turn everyone’s favorite chill-out spot into an ecological science experiment! Fight back with these hot weather pool maintenance tips.

Even if you have already taken advantage of the fantastic regular pool maintenance service provided by Sunshine Fun, your pool will probably benefit from these extra measures during this part of the year.


You probably already know that chlorine is your pool’s first line of defense against the Green Monster, but did you also know that sunlight is chlorine’s natural nemesis? It’s true. The UV rays of the sun actually break down free chlorine, so a perfect chlorine level in the morning can be significantly lowered by lunchtime. The best defense? A good offense. Avoid letting the chlorine level dip too low to prevent algae by monitoring it daily and chlorinating accordingly. Forewarned is forearmed, right? So your chemical test kit is your best ally!

A pole-mounted leaf skimmer.

Skim Through!

It is quite noticeable how the local plant life has been affected by these extreme temperatures, but it becomes even more apparent when you look at your pool. Scorched trees and plants shed tons of dry leaves, flowers, seed pods, and even bark, and a lot of it can wind up in your pool. As organic matter decays, it releases nitrogen which is essential for algae to flourish. Therefore plant matter in your pool is literally feeding algae!

Don’t be so accommodating to your enemy. Skim that stuff out with your pole-mounted leaf skimmer and be sure to empty the pool’s skimmer baskets as well. This clears the way for your filter to do its part in filtering algae from the water. We recommend doing both steps daily if at all possible. Hey, maybe you can bribe one of the kids to take care of it!

Brush It!

We usually advise brushing the walls, floor, steps, and benches of your pool once a week, and we include this step in our weekly pool maintenance service. It is a good idea, though, to perform one more brushing per week through the rest of the hot season.  This dislodges algae before it has a chance to grow and spread along surfaces, or, in the case of black algae, below the surface. Yikes!

Go Extreme!

To be really on the ball in the crusade against algae, shock your pool once a week with a good quality product. If you are joining the battle a bit late and your pool is already exhibiting visible splotches of algae and/or a greenish tinge to the water, follow all of the above steps plus visit the helpful staff at Sunshine Fun for an algaecide product designed to combat your pool’s specific type.

Finally, once you succeed in killing algae, it may be necessary to perform a filter cleaning to prevent it from being clogged by the dead particles. Follow the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions for your particular type and model, or call the service experts at Sunshine Fun to schedule a filter cleaning.

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