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09/15/2012 | Categories: Pool Costs

What A Pool Costs | Sunshine Fun

There is a lot to consider when it comes to selecting a swimming pool to purchase. Just how much does a swimming pool cost to purchase and install? The answer: It really depends on the type of pool you purchase.

==> The Cheapest Option

The cheapest option is to purchase an above-ground swimming pool. These pools are much less expensive, because there’s no custom building. The swimming pool sets are all pre-built.

Furthermore, you don’t need to excavate the ground. Instead, you just level the ground, and build up the swimming pool. Both of these make the whole thing a lot more cost effective.

Building an above ground pool will generally run you between $5,000 an $20,000, including both installation and the pool itself.

If you want to build a new wood decking around your pool, that’ll usually cost you between $2,500 and up.

==>The Fiberglass Option
A fiberglass pool is a pre-built pool that’s simply lowered into a hole in the ground. The construction crew comes to your house, digs out the ground then puts the pool in. Because the pool is pre-built, the whole process is much faster and a little less expensive than an in-ground pool.

A fiberglass pool will set you back approximately $12,000 to $20,000 for a moderate sized pool. A large sized pool will set you back between $15,000 and $30,000.

This will include the installation and the pool itself, though you may have to purchase other additions like pool lights and pool covers.

Fiberglass is not very popular in the Brazos Valley because of our expansive clay soil, and during torrential rains can cause the structure to shift upwards from the clay swelling and pushing on the shell.

==>Custom Built Pools
Building a custom pool out of gunite will enable you to design your pool exactly the way you want it to be built. A construction crew will come in, dig out the hole, then use rebar and wire to create the foundation for the pool. They’ll then use gunite, a pneumatically applied concrete and sand mix, to create the pool from scratch.

This doe take longer to install than the other options, and is a more expensive option. You’re generally looking at about $28,000 to start with for a moderate sized pool, not including concrete decking or automated cleaning systems, and the sky is the limit to how large or elaborate of a project you can build.

==> The Range of Costs

As you can tell, the range is vast. You can have the pleasure of owning a pool for as little as $5,000, or you can go all out and buy a custom built luxury pool for $50,000 or more.

Make sure that you don’t just take a contractor’s numbers at face value. There are a lot of things that can vary the cost of different competitors’ pools. One company could quote anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000 less than another company, but look at the specs, and quality of the materials being used. Also, ask for a complete breakdown of a bid so that you know what every single item cost.

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