Pool Construction: What to Expect

09/10/2015 | Categories: Poolside Landscaping, Sunshine Fun Pools, Swimming Pools

Pool Construction: What to Expect | Sunshine Fun

It is important to know what to expect in order for your pool construction experience to be the happy and exciting time it should be.

If you are like most people, you have dreamed of owning a backyard pool. When you close your eyes and imagine the good life, your mind conjures up images of you, your family, and friends diving into a sparkling, crystal clear pool in a beautiful backyard setting. However, as with any other type of construction, the road to realizing that dream can be bumpy and a little messy. It is important to know what to expect in order for your pool construction experience to be the happy and exciting time it should be.

Communication is Key

At Sunshine Fun, we value our relationships with our customers, and we strive to maintain excellent communication as the number one means of keeping those relationships strong. We make sure customers are up to date on the pool construction timetable, and let them know how unforeseen events such as inclement weather affect the schedule. Please extend us the same courtesy and let us know about out-of-town trips, simultaneous home improvement projects, or anything else that could affect our ability to access your property or perform work.

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Pool Construction Is A Messy Business!

You’ve heard the expression, “you can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs”, right? Well, you can’t build a pool without digging in the dirt! We will be bringing in heavy equipment such as skid-steer tractors for digging, dump trucks to haul away the debris, and trenchers for installing plumbing, electrical and gas lines. This usually requires removal of at least one section of fencing, and can disturb grass sod along our chosen access route.

While all of Sunshine Fun’s work crews are specifically chosen for their skill and experience, building a pool is not a neat process. Dirt will inevitably wind up on undesirable places such as patios, sidewalks and driveways. Add in a little rain and your dream backyard can look like a muddy swamp. But don’t worry, it’s only temporary, we promise! We respect your property and do our best to keep our work areas as clean as possible, but the presence of a certain amount of equipment, tools, and pool construction material should be expected.

Due to the presence of open holes, equipment and materials, it is safest to limit access to the construction area, especially for kids and pets.


In addition, before pool construction begins, we will contact the appropriate provider for your area to perform “locate services”. This includes marking the locations of known underground utility lines such as gas, electric, water, sewer and sometimes even phone or cable. While every effort is made to identify and steer clear of these items, they are not always where they are thought to be, and even if they are, accidents are sometimes unavoidable.

We understand that this is not something the average homeowner is used to dealing with, and it can cause considerable disruption to your life. As scary as it may seem, rest assured that we’ve been there and dealt with that before, and we know the proper way to go about reporting and repairing these incidences. We will do so in the timeliest manner possible to minimize your inconvenience.



Speak to your Sunshine Fun sales representative about any landscaping and underground sprinkler systems that will be in the way of your pool, spa, and decking. While re-landscaping, re-routing and repair of your sprinkler system are not typically included in the cost of your pool, we do offer full landscaping services and would be happy to assist you with these items at a competitive price.

These are some of the most important things that you need to be aware of when building a new pool and spa. However, every project is unique, and brings with it different sets of challenges and scenarios. By being committed to a relationship of communication and trust, this can be an adventure. There is nothing more exciting than seeing your dream backyard take shape day by day. Sure pool construction is messy, but, hey, it’s worth it!

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