Planning the Perfect Holiday Staycation

12/02/2015 | Categories: Outdoor Living, Sunshine Fun Pools

Planning the Perfect Holiday Staycation | Sunshine Fun

The holidays can be a busy time. Gift buying, preparing for family dinners, holiday parties and running around to visit out of town friends can make us long to return to work by the end of it all. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

You can take time to slow down and enjoy the holidays by planning your very own holiday staycation. Turn your backyard into its very own holiday wonderland this year by planning the perfect family holiday staycation in Montgomery County.

Outdoor Football Viewing

Why sit cooped up in the living room or den when you can drag that big screen TV outside and enjoy your back yard. The patio or pool area makes a great place to kick back and watch some holiday football. Fire up the grill or fire pit and get loud. Enjoy football outdoors without having to go to the stadium to see the game.

Holiday Decorations for the Backyard

To help your family get into the holiday spirit, why not add some holiday elements to your back yard? Add seasonal lighting to the pool or spa. Put out some evergreens (decorated or undecorated) to spruce up (no pun intended) the patio or pool area. String lights overhead for that special holiday feel and add some outdoor decorations to the backyard as well as your front yard display. Any of these things can help your backyard feel like a holiday wonderland when friends and family come home to visit.

Let the Visitors Come to You

Your pool, spa or backyard area is the perfect place to entertain holiday guests. Who doesn’t want to come over for a nice refreshing dip in the pool or to spend an evening around the fire pit visiting? Instead of running around all over the place to see all of the friends and family you want, invite them over for some backyard fun. You have the pool, so you know they want to come over anyway. They just aren’t asking!

Holiday Movie Viewings

There are just those special movies that remind you of your favorite holiday. Why not have a holiday movie night where everyone gets together under the winter stars and watches their favorites? Light up the fire and wheel the big screen out to the pool area for an evening screening of whatever your favorite holiday movie is. It’s a lot more fun outside.

Leave the Chores for the New Year

Remember, the idea of a staycation is for you to stay home and relax. Not to get to those projects you haven’t been able to get to since October. Stay home, relax and enjoy the holidays. The chores can wait for another couple of weeks.

Sunshine Fun Pools Can Help Your Holiday Staycation in Montgomery County

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