Outdoor Living 101: How to Plan a Picnic in Your Backyard

06/24/2015 | Categories: Outdoor Living

Outdoor Living 101: How to Plan a Picnic in Your Backyard | Sunshine Fun

Simple outdoor living ideas for planning a fun, safe and easy backyard picnic.

There’s really no need to battle traffic at the beach or a local park when you have the ideal environment for the perfect picnic right in your own backyard! Whether it’s intimate, the family or you’ve invited over the whole neighborhood, here are some easy ideas for the ultimate backyard picnic.

Keep it simple: Easy to eat foods such as bite size fruit and vegetables are great snacks without the mess. Bottled or canned beverages can be kept in ice chests or buckets for easy access and eliminate the need to set up a beverage station / table. If a larger party, consider spacing out food and beverage areas so that you increase the flow of traffic over a larger expanse of the yard.
Outfit for your main course: If it’s hamburgers and hot dogs, paper plates may be just fine but if you’re going all out with steak and lobster, really sturdy paper plates or plastic are going to be a more practical option. While you can certainly go all out with china, keep in mind that it is breakable and increases your cleanup.

Fantastic plastic: It’s especially important to avoid glassware around pools and spas. If one should break in the water, it’s extremely difficult to see and could lead to someone getting hurt. Luckily if you’re looking for something a little more upscale than the always fun red Solo cup, there are several options for acrylic / plastic glassware that look and feel like the real thing.

Stick a fork in it: As with the plastic glassware referenced above, you can now find thick, sturdy plastic utensils that are easy to mistake for real as well. No need to drag out the real stuff and have all that clean-up. After all, you’re supposed to be enjoying your time outdoors as much as your guests.

And the most significant tip of all? Whether a big backyard party or cozy setting, decorations covering the whole venue or a simple little picnic blanket, the most important thing is to have fun. Cherish those that you’re with and the special memories made in your own outdoor living oasis.

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