The Latest In Swimming Pool Design

04/05/2013 | Categories: Pool Design

Th e Latest In Swimming Pool Design | Sunshine Fun

The latest design trends in swimming pools provide a variety of creative options at affordable costs.

Latest Trends In Pool Design

Disappearing Edge pools are designed so the water flow seems to vanish on one or more of its edges. They are also known as infinity edge pools. The disappearance of water on either a single or more of the edges effectively treats the pool as an expansion of the natural environment. An unobstructed view of the landscape makes the pools to appear more ideal. The only thing that the hidden edge does is to create your attention to the pool. Lagoon Style pools, Lap pools, Geometric pools are all different design styles that can choose to meet their individual preference and needs. The important thing is that you find a pool builder that you are comfortable with and who has experience.

Waterfalls & other water features provide a pleasant, tranquil water sound which cascades around and into the swimming pool. A fountain can also generate soothing sound in your back yard. It is becoming increasingly popular to integrate water and fire into landscaping and pool designs. An outdoor fireplace adds warmth and style to your poolscape. For more ideas and information on outdoor fireplaces, click here.

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