Lagoon Style Pools

04/22/2015 | Categories: Pool Design Trends

Lagoon Style Pools | Sunshine Fun

Lagoon style pools are often found at resorts and finer hotels throughout the country. A Lagoon style pool is different from other pools because of the way it is designed. These pools have more curves than the average pool, especially dramatic curves that help with water flow.

Many times lagoon style pools include a waterfall and planter area rocks to give the pool the look of a lagoon. Depending on the pool’s interior, it can either look like a pond or even a tropical oasis. Vacation rental properties often boast a lagoon style pool, but anyone can have one in their backyard as long as they have room for it and they can afford it. Due to their unique design, lagoon style pools are much more expensive to install than any other types of outdoor pools.

The Mirage Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada boasts a lagoon style pool that includes waterslides, waterfalls and luxurious whirlpools. Shrubs and trees line the perimeter of the pool, blocking out some of the sun when it is at its hottest point. This makes for a more relaxing lagoon style pool experience.

The Tropicana Hotel & Casino, also in Las Vegas, Nevada, has a lagoon style pool as well. This incredibly comfortable pool also boasts relaxing waterfalls.

Lagoon style pools are growing in popularity as people realize how fun they can be and how much their pool experience differs.



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