Keys to Modern Swimming Pool Design

08/10/2015 | Categories: Pool Design, Pool Design Trends, Sunshine Fun Pools, Swimming Pools

Keys to Modern Swimming Pool Design | Sunshine Fun

Check out this inspiring video for Sunshine Fun Pool’s keys to modern swimming pool design.

Are you interested in designing a pool that has a sleek, modern aesthetic? Most modern pools are minimalistic, which means the challenge is not determining what to add, but figuring out how to keep the look clean and simple. Consider the following five design features for a sleek, and modern swimming pool design:

Minimal Pool Features

Most modern pools achieve their sleek style by incorporating only very simple pool features. Consider unique underwater lighting and clean, uncomplicated fountains or water streams as opposed to large, multi-component waterfalls.

Classic Pool Lighting

You should look for classic pool lighting choices that are subtle but still provide ample lighting for pool and patio activities. Also, consider supplemental lighting in the form of symmetrically designed fire pits, ambient floating candles, and simple torch lights.

Simple, Modern Patio Furniture

It is important to remember that the pool space exists for rest and relaxation. As such, pool patio furniture should promote peace and comfort. Look for enticing lounge chairs, simple wooden furniture, and glass patio tables with umbrellas.

Modern Deck Surfaces

Look for monochromatic solid surfaces or tile, or single-color gravel to enhance a clean, contemporary feel. The most important consideration when selecting a deck material and design is that you choose something that coordinates with the house and landscaping. This ensures that the entire property will have a cohesive, modern aesthetic.

Geometric Pool Shape

A geometric pool shape translates to a sleek and streamlined design. As long as you keep the surrounding pool elements in sync, you will be able to enjoy a timeless, modern swimming pool design for years to come.

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