Fire Features for Your Outdoor Living Space

10/21/2015 | Categories: Outdoor Living, Poolside Landscaping

Fire Features for Your Outdoor Living Space | Sunshine Fun

Consider these different fire features for your yard so that you can transform your outdoor space into the ultimate year-round hangout spot.

Pools are a great place to hang out during the summertime, and even in the winter, if you have a heated pool. However, you might feel like doing something different when the weather cools down, so how about enjoying the inviting warmth of fire? Consider these different fire features for your yard, so that you can transform your outdoor space into the ultimate year-round hangout spot.

Fireplaces and Fire Pits

Fireplaces and fire pits are good staples for any backyard, as they can provide you with a comfortable space to hang out with family and friends outdoors. Fortunately, fire pits have evolved from more than just holes in the ground. Above ground, decorative fire pits are currently what’s hot.

With above ground fire features, you can place them in almost any part of your outdoor living space. The most common design for these fire features are squares made of stone or brick. They can sit on a stone or gravel area where you place your chairs and benches.

For fire features with a little bit more shape, you could opt for a bowl-shaped designs. Usually, with these types of fire features, glass rocks are used to ignite the fire, as opposed to traditional wood. This could be something to look into if you don’t want to have the hassle of dealing with chopped wood. Though, you might miss that firewood smell that traditional fire pits have.


Outdoor Living Rooms

To further enhance fire features for your yard, you can incorporate them as elements to larger structures. For instance, if you have an outdoor living room, you should consider having an outdoor fireplace installed. You would still get to cozy up by the fire, but you could do so in the most luxurious way possible.

If you want a place to sit down to eat in your outdoor living room, you can add a small fire feature to the center of your table. This way, your meals will always be by firelight, and it can provide you with the opportunity to prepare certain foods at the table. For instance, if you are enjoying a family dinner, you could break out the fixings and make s’mores right at the table. This way, you can enjoy more precious time with your loved ones, all while in a beautiful space.


For Your Pool

You’re probably thinking, “How can you have a fire feature in a pool?” But you would be surprised at some of the creative and innovative ways in which fire pits can be incorporated to your pool. If you have a large patio that surrounds your pool, you can install an above ground fire pit which has a waterfall feature running underneath the structure, leading out to your pool. You would be enjoying your fire pit, poolside.

It is possible to have your cake and eat it too: you can put your fire pit in your pool. Sunken seating areas provide a dry and safe place to put a fire pit. You can cool off in the pool and then warm up by the fire. Add a hot tub spa to the other end of your pool and you are set for entertaining year-round.

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