A Quick Fix for Overcoming Pool Service Problems

06/17/2015 | Categories: Pool Maintenance

A Quick Fix for Overcoming Pool Service Problems | Sunshine Fun

Pool maintenance doesn’t need to be a chore. Overcome pool service problems and concerns by keeping it simple.

While careers or daily activities vary widely among us all, there are certain tasks that are constant. For example, cooking, cleaning, laundry and for pool owners, yes….pool maintenance or pool service.

Laundry is pretty easy, right? Add clothing and soap to the machine, turn to your preferred settings, press a button and you’re on your way. Pool maintenance, is a little more tricky. Various elements including usage, seasonal changes, surrounding trees and shrubs can effect your water balance and potentially the performance of pool equipment.

A Quick Fix – Talk to your pool builder. That’s right, the same people who designed your outdoor aquatic environment, recommended the equipment and start up chemicals, those intimately familiar with every detail of your creation are typically the same ones that can offer routine maintenance to ensure that the aquatic wonderland that they created stays that way. After all, wouldn’t you rather be enjoying your pool than cleaning it?

Just like hiring a gardener, pest control service or other maintenance provider, pool service is the same. You select how often you’d like them there (typically weekly or bi-weekly) and leave the dirty work, to the professionals. While it’s important to understand how your pool operates (water testing, cleaning filters, running of timers, etc.) general pool service can become a larger job than expected. A good service company will also be on the lookout for any possible issues or problems that you might not be as familiar with. So while you’ll still pick up a net from time to time to scoop the odd leaf or bug out of your pool, you’ll not be bogged with regular maintenance.

Routine services typically include:

Water chemistry analysis
Vacuum pool area
Tile brushing
Skimmer emptying
Pump basket emptying
Surface skimming
Pool wall brushing
Filter backwash
Equipment inspection

So let the service professionals take care of the maintenance while you sit back, relax and enjoy your water oasis. After all, unlike your washing machine, which you knew was going to provide the sole “enjoyment” of doing laundry, the investment you made in your swimming pool wasn’t to give you another job to do but rather provide a setting for fun, smiles and together time.

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