5 Reasons Why Pools Make the Perfect Gift

11/18/2015 | Categories: Pool Fun, Sunshine Fun Pools

5 Reasons Why Pools Make the Perfect Gift | Sunshine Fun

Looking for a unique holiday present you family will be sure to love? Pools make the perfect gift for the holidays. 

Looking for the perfect gift to give your family or loved one this upcoming holiday season? Why not a swimming pool? Pools make the perfect gift for the holidays for several reasons. Let’s look at a few of them below.

Fall/Winter is the Best Time to Install a Pool

Most people don’t start thinking about having a pool installed until the spring or summer rolls around. That means instead of spending time enjoying their pool, they are waiting around for it to be completed.

Getting a pool as a fall or winter gift allows all of the planning and installation to be done at a time when the pool wouldn’t be used as much. When the warm weather rolls around, the pool is ready for everyone to enjoy.

It is a Gift for the Whole Family

Everyone enjoys having a swimming pool. Pools make the perfect gift that the whole family can enjoy. Pools give a space for families to relax and bond after a hard day. They are also a great place for entertaining with extended family and friends. When you have a pool, your house is the one everyone wants to go to for a party. When you give a pool as a gift, you are giving something that the entire family can enjoy.

Pools Keep on Giving

How many gifts do you give that break or need replaced after a year or two? Even the best of gifts are going to eventually wear out. Not so with a pool.

A pool lasts the entire life of the home. That means that every party or evening dinner at the pool is a reminder of how much the person that gave the pool loves and appreciates you. Pools can be a reminder of that for a long time into the future when many other gifts have long been forgotten.

Winter Sales

Pools are much less expensive if you buy them near the end of the year. Many pool vendors and installers give discounts for pools purchased in the fall and winter since it is a slower time for the business. Pool manufacturers also want to get last year’s models out of stores and get the new model year out on the shelves. This can mean huge discounts. The holidays are a great time to save on pools and make them an affordable gift.

A Pool Holiday Theme

Some people are just impossible to buy for. Giving them the gift of a pool not only gives them something unique they may not have thought of, but it also gives everyone else gift ideas as well. Pools need lots of accessories and having a pool themed holiday can be a good time.

It can also be a good way to surprise everyone with the gift. After opening all of the interesting (yet odd) pool toys, it’s pool time — or, at least, anticipation builds for the springtime!

Montgomery County Pools Make the Perfect Gift for the Holidays

While you are searching for that ideal gift, be sure to check out the custom built pools from Sunshine Fun Pools. For more information about why pools make the perfect gift, give us a call today!



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