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04/05/2017 | Categories: Outdoor Living

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Nothing sets the mood like the right sounds. Whether you’re planning a pool party or a quiet evening in the spa, background sounds can make or break your night. If you live in a busy residential neighborhood or in the city, the sounds of traffic, neighbors, and buzzing air-conditioning units are probably a constant soundtrack to your daily life. But there are many ways to drown out those background noises and create the backyard experience you’ve envisioned.


Yes, this may be the more obvious option, but there are many ways to incorporate music into your backyard space subtly so that it adds to the atmosphere rather than dominate it. Here are a few tips:


Don’t let ugly speakers detract from your outdoor space. Utilize large planters or ceramic rocks to conceal your outdoor speakers. Position the speakers carefully so that they are hidden from view without muffling the sound.

Use Wireless Options for Flexible Surround Sound

There are many wireless, bluetooth options designed specifically for outdoor use. The freedom from wires allows you to create a surround sound experience throughout your backyard to set the mood in every space or zone. You can also place a few speakers along your driveway or walkway leading guests from the street to your backyard.

Paths and Walkways

If you have a large backyard with several zones, out-buildings and winding paths, consider utilizing wired speakers on paths and more remote pockets in order to keep the sound quality high and avoid interference or distance issues. A subtle speaker that brings soft music to your garden walkway can be a very pleasant experience.

Create The Ultimate Playlist

Whether its from your personal music collection or your favorite music app on your phone or computer, create a playlist that’s sure to set the right tone for your event.


There’s nothing more soothing or peaceful than the sound of flowing water. Whether a trickling stream or a bubbling fountain, the sound of water helps us detach from the outside world and calm our minds. It’s also a wonderful way to mask the more unpleasant sounds of the surrounding world.


For a truly serene backyard soundscape, let the wind make the music. Chimes and other musical lawn ornaments are the most obvious way to do this, but you can also use your landscape to create a wind soundscape. Consider planting large ornamental grasses, reeds and bamboo along your borders or in large pots around your patio. These give a wonderful rustling sound when the wind blows through them. Large, billowy trees also create a wonderful sound in a gentle breeze- just be sure the keep these away from your pool if possible to reduce the amount of debris that ends up in your water.


Have you ever heard the cheerful hum of a vibrant meadow? Nature creates its own heavenly music, and it’s not that hard to bring it to your own backyard. Simply create an environment that welcomes birds, frogs, dragonflies and other melodic creatures. Nestle an old pot in a hidden area of your garden, turning it on its side and sinking it partially into the ground to welcome frogs. Create a pond or watering hole surrounded by bright vegetation to invite dragonflies. (They’ll also cull your mosquito population.) Add bird houses and feeders to different corners of your yard, offering a variety of seed mixes to attract song birds.

Whatever mood you’re going for, there’s a soundscape to help you get there. Just remember to consider your neighbors and the local ordinances regarding sound volume. If you’re expecting a particularly rowdy night, you might want to invite your neighbors, even if just to keep them on-side.


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