Reasons It’s Time for a Pool Remodel

04/07/2016 | Categories: Pool Design

Reasons It’s Time for a Pool Remodel | Sunshine Fun

Let us walk you through the many reasons, both practical and cosmetic, to get a full remodeling for your College Station swimming pool.

There are many reasons to want to remodel your pool, ranging from the practical to the cosmetic. Especially if you’ve recently bought a home with an existing pool, a fresh remodeling may just be at the top of your priority list. If this is the case, let us help you with this process. The following is a partial list of reasons why those in the Brazos County and surrounding areas might want to update their College Station swimming pool today.

Save Money on Energy Bills

This one should be a no-brainer and is particularly applicable if you bought a home with a preexisting pool. The risk you run here is that the pool itself runs on outdated equipment, and if that is in fact the case, you can be sure the pool is using an unnecessary amount of energy. Technology changes at a pretty rapid pace, after all. Even if it’s just a matter of a few years, that could be the difference between a manageable energy bill and one that makes you cry.

Having a full remodeling done on your pool should therefore include a total updating of pool filters and pumps as well as all other electrical equipment. This will go a long way towards making your pool more efficient, saving you big bucks over time.

Increase the Value of Your Home

A total remodeling of your pool will also lead to an increase in your overall property value, which could equate to a nice little payday should you ever decide to sell your home. Think about it: wouldn’t you pay more for a house if it came with a modernized and elegant pool? It’s certainly a common selling point for most real estate agents—so dive off the deep end and update that pool to give it a slick, more innovative design. At the same time, watch the property value of your home skyrocket.

Make It Safer

This is most applicable to those homeowners starting a new family. With small children suddenly running around the house, you may want to look into childproofing the pool area to make it safer. This could mean eliminating the deep end entirely or adding more railing and stepladders. When it comes to your family, it’s always better safe than sorry.

Make It Prettier

This is probably one of the most obvious reasons to get your pool remodeled, and is much more a matter of personal preference than anything else. If you bought the home with the pool already constructed, it could just be a question of adding that little extra personal flare, and there’s nothing wrong with that! Feel free to incorporate or update any number of new pool amenities while you’re at it.

A personal spa is a great way to include a little therapeutic section to the average pool while giving it more depth. Perhaps a waterfall would be better. You can even add tanning ledges around the sides of the pool. To put it simply, if you’ve ever seen a fancy pool in a magazine, there’s a good chance you can have the same done to your property. It’s all up to you and what you prefer.

What’s Next with Your College Station Swimming Pool?

This was only a small list of remodeling reasons, but there ultimately exist many, many more. You just have to decide for yourself what it is you want out of your pool and, having attained that vision, you need to then seek professional help, so let Sunshine Fun Pools facilitate the process.

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