Pool Safety and Children in Bryan

08/11/2017 | Categories: Swimming Pools

Pool Safety for Bryan, College Station & Brazos Valley

A backyard swimming pool in Bryan and the surrounding areas can provide families with hours of fun, but they can also be dangerous – especially for young children. With drowning being the second most cause of death for children who are under the age of 5, it is important that parents and caregivers be vigilant when it comes to pool safety in Bryan and the surrounding areas.


Children Must Be Supervised when In or Near Water

Whenever children are present or near a pool in Bryan and the surrounding areas, designate a responsible adult to be the supervisor. This supervisor should be focused solely on watching the children, meaning that he or she shouldn’t be reading, texting, or browsing social media on their phone.


Equip Your Pool with Pool Safety Devices

There are a number of things you can do to significantly enhance the safety of your pool in Bryan and the surrounding areas:

  • Install a non-climbable fence of at least four feet high around the pool and spa
  • Incorporate a self-closing, self-latching gate
  • Use a door alarm from the home to the pool area
  • Keep your pool and spa covered when not in use
  • Make sure your drains have pool safety approved drain gates or covers that are in good condition

Those with a bit of a bigger budget can also install pool alarms or sensors which will advise you when someone has entered the pool or pool area.


Teach Children How to Swim

Swimming isn’t only beneficial to our health; it’s also a lifesaving skills. Teach your children how to swim or enroll them in lessons. There are many resources throughout the community available to families.


Teach Children to Avoid Drains

While establishing the rules for how children are allowed to use the pool, show children where the drains in your pool are and advise them to stay away. Hair, jewelry, bathing suits and even limbs can become stuck in a drain.


Learn How to Perform CPR

Bystanders are often the first ones on the scene to help a drowning victim. Knowing how to properly perform CPR can save a person’s life. The American Red Cross, community centers, and many hospitals offer CPR classes and CPR certification, which is a valuable, yet often underrated skill, to know.


Finally, be sure to have an action plan laid out in the event of an emergency. Have all emergency numbers readily available, have pool safety equipment in the pool area, and have information on emergency procedures posted in the pool area.



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