Pool Party Ideas for Valentine’s Day

02/08/2017 | Categories: Pool Fun

Pool Party Ideas for Valentine’s Day | Sunshine Fun

Sunshine Fun Pools, your Bryan College Station pool builder, offers some great pool party ideas for Valentine’s day!

Are you interested in throwing a fun and entertaining party this Valentine’s Day? If you have a pool, then you already have the perfect setting for a great party! As Valentine’s Day approaches, use these pool party ideas to make sure everyone has a great time.

Planning Decorations

Keep your decorations simple. Since you are going to be outside, you will want to minimize the amount of cleanup you have to do afterwards. Consider purchasing a bag of red balloons and some ribbon. Blow up the balloons and tie to several of your outdoor chairs. This will add color to your backyard without making a mess.

Planning Food

When you think Valentine’s Day food, chocolate usually comes to mind. Focus on desserts and easy snack type recipes you can make ahead of time. Being able to prepare everything in advance will allow you to enjoy your pool party without having to deal with cooking. In addition to making traditional desserts, such as cake or brownies, jello makes a great outdoor treat. Whip up a few batches of cherry or strawberry flavored jello and serve along with the other desserts.

Prepare your Pool

The morning of your party, make sure your pool is free of debris and test the water to make sure everything is good to go. Sweep the deck area to keep items from falling into the pool. If the weather is agreeable, add a few pink or red floats for the children to enjoy the pool.   

Keep an Eye on your Pool

This should go without saying, but safety always comes first. Keep an eye on your guests, especially if there are any children around. Let your guests know that the areas around the pool may get slippery and they should be careful near the pool.

These are simple steps towards planning a great Valentine’s Day pool party. Enjoy your Valentine’s Day pool party and your guests are sure to follow suit.



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