Pool Party Ideas for Independence Day

06/28/2017 | Categories: Outdoor Living

Pool Party Ideas for Brazos Valley, Bryan, College Station & Surrounding Areas

The Fourth of July is commonly associated with celebration, great food, and family time. This is a special day as American families gather to celebrate our 1776 declaration of independence from Great Britain. What better way to enjoy the day than by inviting friends and family to a pool party? The pool is a great place for people to gather, eat, play, and have fun, not to mention the best place to keep cool on a hot July day! Here are a few ideas for a great pool party:


No party is complete without decorations. Flags, bunting, and other star-spangled decor are fun and festive symbols of our American heritage, and reminders of the spirit of freedom that made this country great. The pool might be the featured attraction, but red, white, and blue streamers, balloons, and table decorations can accentuate it. Enhance the celebratory atmosphere with strands of twinkling lights strung along trees, fences, and pergolas.


One thing America is famous for is our great food! Grill up some American classics like hamburgers, hotdogs, or barbecue, and don’t forget the classic picnic sides like potato salad, baked beans, and corn on the cob. Whip up a gorgeous red, white, and blue Jell-O ring, and delicious pies that make the most of the season’s fresh fruit. Share the work load by asking guests to bring a side or dessert.

Or keep it super simple and provide the chili, cheese, onions, and corn chips for guests to build their own Frito pies! Keep dessert a laid-back affair with several flavors of ice cream and all the toppings for a Make-Your-Own Sundae bar!


While fun just seems to happen when you are in the pool, consider scheduling in some organized activities such as water polo, volleyball, or basketball. Races, chicken fights, and noodle jousting tournaments are also fun and enjoyed by kids and adults alike. Just make sure to have all of the necessary equipment on hand and watch your family and friends have the time of their lives!


Finally, while you are enjoying a fun-filled celebration with your love ones this Fourth of July, remember to take time to reflect on the bravery and sacrifices of the men and women who helped make this the greatest of nations. Without those willing to take a stand for freedom, it is easily lost. Consider what part you can play as a good citizen to keep our nation strong and our communities free and safe. Make this the year you get more involved with political or civic organizations that you believe in, and remember that patriotism begins at home. Teach your children about the rights and freedoms granted us as Americans, and why our founding fathers thought they were important. Who knows? You may learn a lot yourself in the process!


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