Pool Design Trends: Creating a Tropical Lagoon in College Station

01/19/2017 | Categories: Pool Design Trends

Pool Design Trends: Creating a Tropical Lagoon in College Station | Sunshine Fun

The tropical lagoon pool is one of the most popular pool design trends in College Station, Brazos Valley & Bryan. Learn how to get it here!

Pool Design Trends in College Station, Brazos Valley, Bryan & Surrounding Areas

Have you always dreamed of the chance to create a tropical lagoon style pool in your College Station backyard? Whether you are renovating an existing swimming pool or putting together plans for a new pool, now is the time to make those dreams a reality with these pool design trends. It only takes a handful of design elements to transform a standard pool design into a tropical getaway. You’ll feel like you’ve left home and been transported to your favorite tropical destination. As you create a tropical lagoon style pool, consider the following design features.

Planters with Tropical Plants

It is up to individual pool owners to choose the tropical plants that will best fit their current landscaping and personal preferences. Popular options for tropical pool plantings include palm trees, princess flowers, hibiscus and bird of paradise. Consider planting lush vines throughout the yard that can grow over fences and tree trunks to complete the tropical look for the landscaping. Don’t forget to coordinate the planters with the tropical aesthetic as well.


The shape and size of the pool will largely determine the options that will work best for your particular pool. Think about adding a waterfall or grotto to give the tropical feel you’re after. Consider space, lighting and budget when choosing the right water feature for your design. It is best to discuss the options with an experienced pool builder.


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