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12/21/2017 | Categories: Pool Equipment

Most pool industry pros will argue that the pool pump is the most important part of your entire poolscape. The pump of Bryan College Station pools acts as the heart of a pool’s circulation system, playing a key role in many of its functions, from keeping your pool clean and healthy to evenly dispersing heated water throughout your poolscape.

There are a handful of options available when it comes to pool pumps. But variable-speed pool pumps always come out on top for a number of reasons.


What’s So Great about Variable-Speed Pool Pumps?

Unlike traditional single speed and two-speed pumps, variable-speed pool pumps are incredibly efficient. These devices use permanent magnet motors which monitor the flow rate of the pool in order to optimize energy efficiency – something which is great for both the environment and your pocketbook.

There are other benefits to having a variable-speed pump as well, including:

  • Quieter and vibrate less
  • Last longer
  • Run cooler
  • Can be digitally controlled

Variable-speed pool pumps can also provide pool owners or Bryan College Station pools maintenance companies with advanced diagnostic information which will protect your pool and its equipment.


Hayward Tristar VS Pump: The Leader in Variable-Speed Pool Pumps

The Hayward Tristar VS Pump can save pool owners up to 90 percent on their pool-related energy costs, giving you a phenomenal return on investment in comparison to other variable-speed pool pumps on the market. The pump features a state-of-the-art hydraulic design, a permanent magnet motor and an integrated electronic drive with a fully-programmable digital interface, making it one of the best performing and most intuitive pumps available in the industry today.


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