Make Swimming Part of Your Healthy New Year’s Resolution

12/09/2015 | Categories: Sunshine Fun Pools

Make Swimming Part of Your Healthy New Year’s Resolution | Sunshine Fun

With the new year nearly upon us, many of us will be making a new year’s resolution to get healthier. While some of those promises end up falling to the wayside very early in the year, swimming is one way that you can make good on your pledge to stay healthy. Here are some reasons why swimming is one of the best exercises that you can to do keep in shape and get healthy.

Swimming is a Balanced Workout

Much of the exercise that we do to get in shape is high impact. The same is true of the sports that we play. Baseball, basketball and hockey are all high impact sports that can tax our bodies. Swimming is a great way to cross train and increase muscle strength in a low impact way.

Swimming provides a way to work out your heart and all of your major muscle groups while performing fluid motion. It can give your body a break from the usual strenuous workouts that you typically use to get in shape and let your body rest and heal while still getting a workout.

Swimming is a Heart Healthy Aerobic Exercise

Swimming is great for improving overall heart health. It is an aerobic activity that gets your entire body involved in the motion. Good swimming technique will elevate your heart beat the same way jogging will. This can help you to improve your overall heart health with an easy-to-do low-impact exercise that you can do right in your own back yard.

Relive Those Aching Joints

Many sufferers of joint pain get tired of hearing that exercise will make it better. That might be the case, but getting started in an exercise routine with joint pain can seem impossible. It just hurts to much. Swimming can help with that.

Swimming is a great way to exercise without banging knees into a treadmill or pavement.

Swimming Can Help You Lose Weight

Looking for a good way to burn calories? Then head into your back yard pool and start swimming. One hour of moderate swimming can burn up to 500 calories. There are some studies that show that swimming can also help to boost your metabolism as well so that those calories continue to burn off even after you get out of the pool. Swimming is a great way to lose weight.

It Feels Good

Know that feeling you get when you slip into the pool after you exercise? What if you could have that same feeling the entire time you are exercising? Swimming keeps your body cool and comfortable while you work out. No more sweat dripping into your eyes as you truck down the side of the road.

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