Is Your Pool Pet Safe?

05/25/2016 | Categories: Sunshine Fun Pools

Is Your Pool Pet Safe? | Sunshine Fun

Sunshine Fun Pools of College Station, TX offers details for the best ways to make sure your pool safety for pets is up to code.

Summer fun is almost here in Texas, and what better way to celebrate than breaking in your backyard pool for the season? Of course, pool parties and poolside sunbathing are great ways to pass the time, but being safe by the pool is always the most important. As a pool owner, you clearly make sure your pool is safe for all users but have you considered your pool safety for pets? Here are some of the best ways you can ensure your pool is pet safe so that you can enjoy swimming without worry.

Is Your Pet At High Risk In The Pool?

Pool safety for pets begins with the particular pet, so first things first: know what to expect with your pets and your pool. If you have an older dog that is also going blind, they are at higher risk than younger dogs and cats, mainly because they could unintentionally fall into the pool. Pool safety equipment is vital for any animal, but particularly the ones that are less likely to be able to swim on their own. Make sure your animals know how to swim if you decide to invest in a backyard pool. Also, make sure there is an easy way for them to exit the pool and that they know where the exit is. This way, your pet is less likely to drown if they accidentally get into the pool when you are not at home.

Pool Alarms

These work similarly to a baby monitor in that there is a remote receiver inside the house. The pool alarm should go off whenever an object of a certain weight (usually 17 pounds or greater) enters the pool while the alarm is engaged. This allows you to be notified whenever your pet enters the pool so you can check on their safety as soon as possible.


Most states stipulate that backyard pools need to be fenced in, but make sure you install a fence that is extra safe for pets. Permanent fences made out of various materials, like wood or aluminum, are the most reliable options for pool safety.

Safety Covers

Covering your pool whenever it is not in use is an excellent way to make sure your pet does not accidentally end up in the pool. You can purchase pool covers in solid materials or mesh. These are especially important if your pool is not closely fenced in.

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