How to Incorporate Your Pool into Halloween

10/06/2017 | Categories: Outdoor Living

Halloween Decor Ideas for Bryan, Brazos Valley & College Station


Swimming pools may be associated with summertime fun, but they can also be transformed into a spooktacular “ghoulscape.” Here are some of our favorite spine-chilling Halloween décor ideas for your pool and outdoor living area during this fun time of year.


The Bubbling Cauldron

Transform your crystal clear waters into a ghastly red, orange, purple or black hue with color changing LED pool lights! You can also add some floating bubblers to your pool to give it that bubbling cauldron appeal.

Alternatively you can use pool dye and laundry soap. Turn your pool returns to the surface to create a frightful foam. Just be sure to shock your pool afterwards to get rid of those leftover bubbles!


The Creeping Fog

Add a healthy heap of “creep” to your pool by turning it into a chilling pond with dry ice or with a fog machine. Dry ice can be put directly into the pool, though please note to make sure no one goes for a swim until it is cleared out as dry ice can cause burns to the skin.


The Floating Hands

One of the easiest, yet freakiest, ways to light up your pool water is to grab a pack of latex gloves, some glow sticks, and set them afloat on top of your pool. Simply blow up the gloves and place an activated glow stick in each glove. Tie them off and you will have floating glowing hands in your pool.


The Aquatic Pumpkin Patch

This Halloween staple is perfect for people of all ages. Pumpkins naturally float in water, so you can toss as many as you like into the pool to create a watery pumpkin patch. You can set up a carving station nearby and host a jack o’ lantern content to put everyone in the Halloween spirit!


The Hovering Floor

If you have a bit more in your budget this year for Halloween, consider hiring a party rental company to install Plexiglas panels over your pool. This will transform your pool into a dance floor, a dining area, a catwalk for a costume contest, or a stage for a band to play.


Don’t forget to dig out all of your great Halloween decorations from the attic or basement! A skeleton relaxing in the pool on a pool floaty, a graveyard in the corner, and strings of lights will all go a long way in creating an eerie, hair-raising atmosphere.



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