Hot Now, Heat Later – Enjoy Your Bryan College Station Pool Year Round with a Pool Heater

08/22/2017 | Categories: Pool Heaters

Summer may still be here, but soon these scorching temperatures we enjoy here in College Station and surrounding areas will be taking a dip. Instead of closing your pool down for the season, why not extend your time with your pool and add a heater?

Advantages of Having a Heated Pool

Our pools are used for a variety of reasons, from physical activity to entertaining family and friends. Having a heated pool here in Texas means:

  • More time with your pool. In our area, a heated pool will allow you to comfortably swim all year!
  • Something for the kids to do. As most parents have noticed, kids seem to be immune to the cold – at least, when compared to us adults. Having your swimming pool open in the fall and winter means having another activity to keep them outside and having fun.
  • It can increase your home’s resell value. Though you should never rely on a pool being able to increase the value of your home, having one with an efficient heater can certainly boost its retail value.

Gas Pool Heaters: Efficient, Less Maintenance, Long Lasting

There are several pool heaters on the market today, including electric and solar. But the most popular choice amongst experienced pool owners is the gas pool heater.

Gas pool heaters are efficient and will warm any size pool quickly. This is done by natural gas being burnt in a furnace which creates high heat levels. These high heats are what bring the water in your pool to a pleasurable temperature.

Because it is so efficient, a gas pool heater doesn’t need to run as much. This means less problems and less wear and tear as electric pool heaters or electric heat pumps face. It also means that having this type of heater can lead to considerable energy bill savings.

Enjoy Your Pool Throughout All Four Seasons!

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