Fun Additions That Enhance Your Swimming Pool Experience

05/24/2017 | Categories: Pool Design

Now that you have your perfect backyard, you should consider adding some fun items that will enhance your swimming pool experience. No backyard is complete without fun and games for the whole family. Today, we’ll outline some items that will make every visitor to your backyard happy. These items can be added to your pool itself or anywhere in your backyard.

Pool Games & Toys

If your family and friends like to get competitive, then pool games are perfect for you! Dual it out between the net with a pool volleyball game. If basketball is your game, you can add a hoop to the ledge of your pool or an inflatable net to keep the game interesting! Another great option is a ping pong game set that is made just for the water.

Turn Your Backyard into an Oasis of Relaxation

If games aren’t your thing, consider adding a ledge lounger for your pool. Ledge loungers are partially in the pool, but not so much that you’re completely submerged. This is the ultimate way to relax and stay cool while adding a luxurious element to your backyard design. Ledge loungers will greatly improve your swimming pool experience – all while laying down!

Add Eye Catching Water Features

Make your backyard eye catching and beautiful by adding a water bubbler to relax yourself and your guests. These captivating additions can bring your backyard and swimming pool to a new level. Or maybe try adding some LED lights to your pool to create a magical environment for evening swimming. Strategic lighting around your pool can bring attention to particular outdoor pieces or landscaping.

Add Outdoor Living Features

Do you love sitting by the fireplace during nights with perfect weather? Take that experience outdoors by adding an outdoor fireplace to your backyard. If you like to entertain and cook for guests, an outdoor kitchen will save trips to inside the house this summer. These can include a grill, seating, refrigerator, and much more!

No matter how you choose to enhance your swimming pool experience, you can’t go wrong! By adding simple elements, you can create more fun and memories for years to come. Turn your backyard into your perfect vacation by adding features that suit you and your family’s needs!



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