Why Fall is the Perfect Time for a Pool Remodel

10/08/2016 | Categories: Sunshine Fun Pools

Why Fall is the Perfect Time for a Pool Remodel | Sunshine Fun

If you’re thinking about a pool remodel or renovation, now is definitely the time to do it.  There are a number of reasons why the fall is the most ideal time to give your pool and backyard living area a makeover.

The Pool’s Usage Will Be Minimally Impacted

The fall and winter are times when many families are spending less time in the pool. This means that when you open up your pool in the spring or summer, your pool will have had a fabulous facelift you, your friends and family can all enjoy.

Any Problems Don’t Mean Weeks of “No-Swimming”

Somewhat related to the above point, if anything goes wrong during the remodeling process, your fun times lounging by and inside of the pool won’t be as affected.  Any little complications or unforeseen circumstances can easily be taken care of by the time the temperatures outside begin to heat up again.

Plants and Foliage Thrive in the Fall

The fall is a great time to plant many attractive pool-friendly plants.  The season is warm enough to allow the plants to extend and establish their roots deep into the earth before it turns cold or freezes.

TIP:  The more local the plant that you choose to plant, the better its chances of survival.

If you are planning on undergoing a pool remodel or renovation this fall then the time to schedule your remodeling is now.

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