Everything You Heard About Owning a Pool is Wrong

02/26/2018 | Categories: Pool Maintenance

Everyone loves to jump in the pool and cool off during hot summer days, but many people shy away from actually owning their own swimming pool. Often, this is due to several misconceptions about owning a pool which simply are not true and should not scare you away from building your dream backyard. When these popular myths about pool ownership are debunked, you can look forward to swimming and relaxing through many summers to come.


The Swimming Pool Construction Process is Long

You might have heard horror stories about pools taking forever to be built, but these exceptions are very far from the rule. The truth is that the swimming pool construction process usually takes less than a few months, all the way from design to completion. When you think about all that goes into building a swimming pool and making sure it’s all done right, that’s really not long at all. Especially when you end up with a beautiful backyard that will bring your family years of fun and relaxation.


Swimming Pool Maintenance is a Hassle

Yes, pools do require a minimum level of maintenance in order to keep things clean and running properly, but it certainly is not as time-consuming as some would lead you to believe. In fact, there’s hardly any more maintenance needed for a swimming pool than a well-cared-for front lawn. Dedicating just a few minutes of your day to care for your pool will keep it sparkling clean and efficient all year round. Plus, new swimming pool equipment is making owning a pool even easier. With some systems, you can do almost everything from your smartphone!


Swimming Pools Are Too Expensive

One of the biggest misconceptions people have about owning a pool is that they can’t afford one. While inground pools are not cheap, there are many payment options you can choose from in order to afford the pool of your dreams. Reputable pool builders will also work with you to make sure you stay within your budget. Plus, with the value you get in return, swimming pools are relatively inexpensive compared to other big ticket purchases. Additionally, swimming pools can add to the value of your home. So when it is time for you to move, you can list your home for a higher asking price and get a solid return on investment.


Swimming Pools Mean High Utility Bills

When you start with an efficient swimming pool and maintain it properly, your utility bills should not increase significantly. And like everything else, swimming pool equipment is becoming more and more energy-efficient, meaning you’ll see even less of an increase than people who own pools now.


There’s Too Much Repair Work Involved

When your swimming pool is well-constructed using high quality materials, repair work will be few and far between. And when you choose a pool builder that’s been around for a long time and stands by their work, if any repairs are ever needed it will be no hassle to you whatsoever.

Owning a pool is easy and affordable. A high quality builder will help you stay within your budget while giving you the most for your money. They will also be there every step of the way for any questions you have and to assist wherever needed. At Sunshine Fun Pools, we put our customers first and will always be dedicated to your complete satisfaction throughout your entire pool ownership experience.



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