Enjoying Your College Station Swimming Pool During the Winter Months

12/07/2017 | Categories: Outdoor Living

The weather may be getting colder, but that doesn’t mean the good times on the patio and in the swimming pool need to come to an end. As a top College Station pool builder, we’ve compiled a list of ways to keep your swimming pool and hot tub area fun during the fall and winter months:


1. Bring On the Heat to Your College Station Backyard

Adding a heat source is one sure way to create an inviting outdoor space for yourselves and guests to enjoy. Choose from tabletop designs or full-sized patio and deck heaters to add both warmth and ambiance to your swimming pool and patio area.

Perhaps you could even add a pool heater to keep your Bryan swimming pool nice and warm no matter the weather. Energy-efficient swimming pool heaters will provide unlimited fun without adding too much to your energy bill.


2. Swimming Pool Fire Features

A heat source may make the area warm, but swimming pool fire features are what will draw friends and family outdoors. From simple firepits and ornate firebowls to stately outdoor fireplaces, homeowners can pick and choose the features they want to create the atmosphere they desire.


3. Dress Up Your Bryan Backyard

Adding a bit of wintry décor is a great way to add some flair to your swimming pool and backyard patio area, even if you aren’t outdoors. Choose a selection of staple winter items that continue to be in season even after the holidays come to an end, such as decorative winter wreaths and fern trees, and place them around your swimming pool and patio.


4. Light Up the Night

Lighting is a must if you want to create a welcoming space outdoors. Strings of white LED lights are an economical way to add some extra twinkle to your Bryan-College Station backyard, though there are a number of other options including pathway lights, pot lights, and more. We can show you some amazing custom lighting options at our design center.


5. Change Your Swimming Pool Water Color

Darkness comes sooner during the Brazos Valley winter months, which can make the swimming pool and hot tub appear rather dark and dreary. If you change out your standard bulbs with some bright and festive color LED lights, it’ll be hard for friends and family to resist taking a dip in your swimming pool.


6. Cover the Patio

Not only are exposed patios during the winter subject to increased wear and tear, but covering the patio or creating an enclosure will create a warmer breeze-free spot for everyone to lounge and enjoy.


7. Make Your College Station Backyard Cozy

Typical plastic patio chairs and loungers may suffice during the summer, but in the winter when it’s already difficult to beckon others outdoors, it’s all the more important that you add plush outdoor pillows, throws, or even completely replace the furniture on your patio and around the swimming pool and hot tub area.


8. Throw a Party

What’s the point of a beautiful outdoor space if you don’t show it off and entertain friends and family! Come by our design center today to browse all the options we have to help you create a breathtaking, fun, or casual outdoor living area.

As one of the top inground pool builders in Bryan-College Station, we can do it all and make your backyard THE place to be this winter.



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