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06/29/2018 | Categories: Swimming Pools

Looking for the best deal on a swimming pool this summer without compromising on service or quality? Look no further than Sunshine Fun Pools. You can save thousands of dollars on your custom built Brazos Valley, College Station, or Katy swimming pool with your choice of a FREE pool heater or pool chiller! Not to mention paying $0 down and making interest-only payments for 7 months. So to help you decide, here are the top 3 benefits of a pool heater and the top 3 benefits of a pool chiller.


Top 3 Reasons to Get a Pool Heater

Swimming pools offer loads of health benefits and plenty of recreational enjoyment. But if the water is too cold, these benefits may be short-lived. There are three important reasons why you should add a pool heater upgrade into your new pool project.

  • Lengthen your swim season. Why spend only a few months of each year in the pool when you can enjoy it all year long? Heating your pool water to a comfortable temperature means being able to continually reap the many physical and mental health benefits that a good splash and swim in a College Station swimming pool brings.
  • Go for nighttime and early morning swims. The scorching summertime temperatures during the day here in Texas can fall to chilly levels at night. A pool heater means being able to indulge in those quiet evening or early morning swims.
  • Better for your health and well-being. Swimming is a wonderful activity, but did you know that your water temperature can also have an impact on your health? Water that is too cold not only causes goosebumps, but it increases the risk of joint stiffness, illness and serious respiratory issues.


Top 3 Reasons to Get a Pool Chiller

Your College Station swimming pool should be a refreshing escape from the blazing summer heat and not a swampy warm bath. For that reason alone, maybe a pool chiller upgrade is the right choice for your new pool project.

  • Have a pool that’s always swim-ready. Months of hot sunny days lead to tepid pool water that is less than pleasant to swim and splash in. By installing a pool chiller, you can be sure that your pool water is always cool and comfortable, no matter what time of day or year it is.
  • Economical way to control the heat. Pool chillers use an electric fan cooling system to circulate pool water and create an airflow which effectively removes heat from your pool water. This freshly chilled water is then pumped right back into your pool.
  • Easier pool maintenance. Cut down on the amount of time you spend maintaining your pool this summer! Studies have shown that even as little as a 10F degree drop in your pool water temperature can save your chemical consumption by up to 25 percent!

Get the Most out of Your Investment with a Sunshine Fun Pool

You deserve to get the most out of your College Station swimming pool. Enhance your pool for free and take advantage of $0 down, interest-only payments for seven whole months with Sunshine Fun Pools! Contact us online or give us a call to start designing your dream poolscape today at (979) 690-3343.



Sunshine Fun Pools has been ranked in the Top 50 Pool Builders in the nation by Pool and Spa News. As the leading pool builder in Brazos Valley, Sunshine Fun Pools builds more than 100 pools each year while maintaining a 98 percent customer satisfaction rating. Founded in 2005, Sunshine Fun Pools specializes in custom pool design and quality construction, pool remodeling and pool maintenance services.

Call Sunshine Fun Pools today if you are looking for a professional, qualified customer pool builder in Bryan-College Station, Conroe, Navasota, The Woodlands, Franklin or Montgomery Country. For more Bryan College Station pool design tips, subscribe to their blog and YouTube Channel or ‘Like’ them on Facebook. You can also read their customer reviews to learn more about the exceptional services they provide.

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