Pool Shapes

Which Pool Shape Works Best for You?

When deciding to build a swimming pool, there are many factors to consider. What pool shape, materials, decking, and water features, are some of these factors. Another important aspect to consider is the architecture and style of your home. Your pool design should complement and flow with the design your home.

The Roman


Those wanting an elegant swimming pool design should look no further than the Roman Pool. The Roman Pool design is a rectangular shaped pool with flair. At the elongated ends, there are curves instead of straight lines. This swimming pool shape works well with both contemporary and classic architecture homes.

The Paschall


The Paschall shaped pool is in the free-form design family with smaller curves than the Lagoon pool. It is smaller in radius and fits nicely in smaller backyards. Just like the Lagoon pool, the Paschall design works nicely with rock water features, such as grottos, rock waterfalls, and raised spas.

The Lagoon


If you want to feel like you are permanently on vacation, then a lagoon shaped pool is the design for you. A Lagoon pool is similar to a free-form pool with curves instead of the straight lines of a geometric pool. A lagoon pool is the perfect pool for adding a rock waterfall, grotto, or raised spa. Rock water features complement this design very nicely.

The Kidney Shape


The Kidney Shaped pool is probably one of the most popular pool shapes. Because the shape is conducive to almost any style of architecture or backyard. These pools are similar to an oval, with steps placed at the smaller end of the pool and at the deeper end near the wider portion of the design. The kidney shaped pool is a perfect fit for a custom spa, a tanning ledge, or raised wall.

The Grecian


The Grecian shaped Pool is another design with elegant features. The Grecian has classic, clean lines with corners that have cut outs instead of straight lines. The Grecian pool will best complement classic styled architecture.

The Gentry


The Gentry shaped pool is one of our favorite shapes. It is a free flowing shape that brings a natural feel to any backyard. The Gentry will create a natural lagoon style to your yard.

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