Hayward Pool Equipment

Only the Best Swimming Pool Equipment from Sunshine Fun Pools

We are confident in our quality materials and level of craftsmanship, and fully guarantee all work completed. And as a warranty station for Hayward pool equipment, we can meet all of your equipment maintenance and repair needs. Not only does Hayward’s equipment help you save energy, it also helps save money – the Energy Solutions Calculator can show you how much more you can save with energy-efficient equipment. Learn more about these Hayward products below, and how they will work together in your new, energy-efficient pool.

EcoStar Variable Speed Pump

Born to run, built to last

Hayward EcoStar Variable Speed Pump is the latest in Hayward’s true energy savings technology. The Hayward EcoStar pool pump has been

Swim Clear™

Large capacity cartridge filters

SwimClear™ large capacity filters provide superior water clarity, efficient flow and large cleaning capacity for pools and spas of all

H-Series Low NOx

Induced draft heaters for inground pools

High performance. Low NOx. The new Hayward H-Series Low NOx Induced Draft Heaters feature a patent pending Finn Plate™ heat

OmniLogic Total Pool Management™

All the controls you need to control your costs

Wouldn’t it be great if with the simple touch of a button you could control your pool and spa
water temperature, lighting, pH,

Aqua Pod®

Waterproof, fully programmable wireless remote

Totally programmable and fully rechargeable,
Aqua Pod isn’t just water resistant, it’s
completely waterproof. Aqua Pod

Robotic Cleaners

Dirt can run, but it cannot hide

Robotic cleaners are our most energy efficient automatic pool cleaners. They are 94% more energy efficient vs most pressure cleaners.

Universal ColorLogic®

Forget about lighting as you know it

Now there’s new ColorLogic® L.E.D. lighting. ColorLogic’s® patented Chromacore®
technology combined with a

Viio Turbo Pressure Cleaner

Cleans debris quickly

From the smallest particles, such as sand, to the most tenacious leaves, Viio Turbo, with its advanced water-jet propulsion technology,

TriStar VS

Reduce energy use and save money

Variable-speed pool pumps are the ultimate way to save energy. TriStar® VS variable speed pump is specifically designed to replace most


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