Why You Should Hire a Licensed CPO Pool Builder

03/31/2017 | Categories: Pool Design

Homeowners have their pick of pool builders here in the Bryan-College Station area, but not every pool builder has endured the same level of rigorous and ongoing training as the next. This is why the Certified Pool/Spa Operation Certification® (CPO) licensing program exists. Matt Ratliff, owner and founder of Sunshine Fun Pools in the Bryan-College Station, has more than 20 years of experience in the pool industry and proudly holds a Certified Pool Operator® (CPO) license from the National Swimming Pool Foundation.

How the CPO Licensing Program Works

Throughout the duration of the CPO licensing program, pool operators and technicians learn the basics about maintaining a pool and spa, including different techniques and skills necessary to ensure healthy and clean water.

Pool operators who are enrolled in the program are taught by a certified instructor over a two-day period where 14 to 16 hours of information is shared. During the program, operators learn how to make the correct calculations necessary to assess how much of what chemical is needed and at what time for each unique pool they will encounter. Some of these calculations include:

  • Determining to the ounce which chemicals should be added and which ones are unnecessary or harmful
  • Figuring out how many gallons are in a pool
  • Calculating how many gallons per minute are circulating in a pool

The program also extensively covers how to clean and take care of a pool’s filtration system, when a backwash is necessary, how to make sure that the pool is safe and how to properly close a pool to prevent equipment damage and to keep the water as healthy as possible.

Once the training is complete, all pool operators must take a written examination. Only those who pass the training will earn his or her CPO certification.

Why Choose a CPO Pool Builder

Having an educated individual tend to your pool means an increase in safety, a minimizing of expenses, and the prevention of capital expenses which can arise due to improper care. Choosing someone who attends CPO training also shows that the technician is committed to learning as much as they can about how to take care of your pool to their best of their ability.

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