Backyard Decor and Design Trends to Bring the Indoors Outdoors

07/19/2017 | Categories: Outdoor Living

Backyard Decor & Design Trends for College Station, Brazos Valley & Bryan

Trends in design tend to come and go in the blink of an eye. What is popular now would seem insane years ago. There is no exception when it comes to your backyard. Backyard decor and design trends have changed over time. In 2017, there is more of a color, minimalism, lighting, dual purpose landscaping, and classic fun for the entire family.

The first backyard decor and design trend is to add pops of color in a variety of ways.

You can do this by adding colorful pillows or throws to your outdoor furniture. Also, colorful rugs are a great way to add eye-catching design in your backyard. What’s been really popular lately is the idea of color blocking: the use of discrete blocks of colors. Complex patterns are out and using blocks of color to frame outdoor features is in.

Another backyard decor and design trend is the shift to a more minimalistic approach.

Gone are the days where huge, frivolous outdoor features were in every backyard. Nowadays, people want materials that are high quality and that will last in their backyard. These features focus on the functional aspects while also being aesthetically pleasing. Place chairs around a backyard fire pit so that you can focus on what’s important: enjoying the outdoors with your friends and family.

A focus on lighting to make the indoors come outside is another backyard decor and design trend that has been popular lately. 

Chandeliers and lanterns around your pool a great way to add beautiful decor to your backyard. Another great option is to add LED lights in and around your pool. Modify the colors and intensity of the lights to suit whatever mood you’re in. Or you could always go with the timeless classic of uplighting to shine light on landscaping features in your backyard!

Landscaping trends have shifted to include more vegetation that is easy to care for and is also practical. 

Nothing brings the indoors outdoors and vice versa than having a fresh herb garden in your backyard. Incorporating a practical aspect into the landscaping of your backyard is a great way to see multiple benefits from your outdoor paradise. You can further reduce your landscaping duties by reducing the amount of lawn with shrubs, flower beds, and sections of decorative gravel.

A true and everlasting backyard decor and design trend is the classic hammock. 

What could be more relaxing than lounging in your backyard on a perfect sunny day? Putting a hammock in your backyard is not difficult: all you need are two trees and some hooks. You can play up your relaxing space by adding some lights or a music speaker as well. Whatever you want to do to make the space yours!

Finally, add a kid’s corner to your backyard to keep all the toys organized and the kids happy.

You could build an elaborate tree house for the kiddos or you could stick with something a little bit more simple, like creating a special space for outdoor games. Do your kids love hopscotch? Take a few stone tiles and place them along in a pattern. Maybe tag is more their game? Set up designated “home bases” in the backyard. Bring the toy and game room outside in no time.  

No matter how you decorate your backyard, it should feel like home – always comfortable and welcoming. There are plenty of great backyard decor and design trends, so select those that go along with your style and tastes.


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