How Does a Pool Heater Work?

11/29/2016 | Categories: Pool Heaters

How Does a Pool Heater Work? | Sunshine Fun

Have you ever wondered how a pool heater heats roughly 14,000 gallons of water to give you a warm and luxurious swimming experience any time of the year? Well then you’re in luck because we’re going to explain it.

Specifically, we’re going to tell you about how a gas-powered pool heater, like the one we’re giving away for free, works.

First of all, the higher the BTU, the faster your pool water will heat. A BTU is a measurement equivalent to the amount of energy required to heat a pound of water by one degree. Your stovetop burner typically has a BTU of 7,000. The pool heater we’re giving away is a Hayward unit with 400,000 BTU. So you can see that it’s a very powerful machine.

While the pool heater itself a complex piece of equipment, the actual function of how the water is heated is pretty simple. The heater pulls the water in and then transfers heat from the gas combustion chamber to the water. (Note: The gas and water, of course, never touch. It’s very similar to your in-home water heater.) The warmed water is returned to the pool and then cycles back through over and over until the desired temperature is reached. The pool’s overall water temperature usually raises about 1.5 to 2.0 degrees per hour.

In just about a day or so, your pool will be ready to enjoy even in the colder months. And with a powerful 400,000 BTU heater, it will be ready even faster. Add on the patio heater we’re also giving away, and you’ve got a great swimming environment almost all year round!



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